44 FAQs

  • How do I give an object to a game NPC?

    Their are numerous NPC characters throughout the game of Atomic City, who will require something from you in order to allow you to continue on your quest.  Here's how to make them happy ...

    1. The NPC speak to you, pay attention to what it says and what it tells you to do.  You will likely be told to click on the NPC first, so do so.
    2. Once you've clicked on the NPC, now go to your Gaming HUD and click "POUCH".
    3. In the menu that drops down, click "USE"
    4. In the next drop down you'll have an open box into which you need to type the name of the item you think the NPC wants you to give it.  Spelling matters.
      1. When done, click the enter button, do not hit the enter key on your keyboard!!!
    5. In this drop down box, you enter the quantity of this item you want to give to the NPC.  Usually 1, but who knows, some may want more than one.  Use numerals not words.

    That's it.  If you gave the NPC the correct item, then "YAY", you live!  If not, well ... the circumstances could be dire!

  • How do I know what I have in my Pouch?

    Ahh, the age ol' question ... "What's he gots in his pocketses my precious?" 😉

    NO problem, here's how we find out and I'd wager it's a lot easier to discover than what Golum had to go thru!

    1. On your HUD, click on "POUCH"
    2. In the drop down menu, click on "Inventory"
    3. Look at local chat for the yellow text.
      1. First line will be, "Inventory:" and each additional line will be one item then its quantity.
      2. So, for example:
        1. Inventory:
        2. Apple: 4
        3. Arrow Root: 3
        4. Slime: 1

    And that's it really.  Pay attention to how things are spelled and whether or not they're upper/lower case.  When you go to enter them in your "use" "eat" "give" functions, that will matter!

  • What is this place?

    Their are a few quick things to realize about Atomic City:

    1. This is a deep story-line questing and role-play gaming experience, full of dark and dangerous baddies and fabulous rewards!
    2. If that's not what you're into, Atomic City is a GREAT hang-out place, with several nightclubs, a sultry and seedy nightlife, even bowling, roller skating, an arcade and a real movie theater with A-list movies! There's a lot here to do.
    3. We are a members-only experience which means your options are of a high quality, they're exclusive and many of the undesirable types are kept out as they don't tend to like to pay to grief communities.
    4. The red and green symbols you'll see around Atomic City and The Outlands are important! When you see the RED one, that means you are entering a danger-zone where meter-based player vs. player (OR critter battles) fighting can occur. The GREEN one means you're entering a safe-zone, there will be no monsters AND other players are not permitted to attack you.

    So, here we go...


    If you want to just "hang-out", then ...

    The wall to your right when you walk into the warehouse in the Outlands, is all about the Out of Character (or OOC) events, facilities, fun and businesses that you will encounter here in Atomic City.

    On that same wall is the big RED Membership Board. Get your free trial and head on into the fun!

    Walk up on the stage, also on that wall to your right and talk to the old-fashioned looking fella. His name's Vlad. He can answer your questions about the nightlife.


    BUT...If you want to delve deep into the story of Atomic City and join in on the role-play and questing, then follow the yellow arrows on the floor.

    Head straight back to the stairs and the lovely hovering cyborg lady. Ce'la Mec'Er is her name.

    She will help you get all geared up and off on your adventure!

    Make sure you go through all the tutorials on the first floor here. Without them, you wont get very far (literally, the game wont let you).

    Off you go now ... good luck adventurer!

  • I don't want to quest and fight, I just want to go to Atomic City for the nightlife and hanging out, how do I do that?

    Behind Vlad inside the Warehouse in the Warehouse District of the Atomic City Outlands is one of the few portals that will take you to the rest of Atomic City where you can roam free among the den of iniquity it has become.  In order to pass thru the portal and instantly land at Atomic City where only members can access, do the following:

    1. Look to the right behind Vlad inside the warehouse (he's on the stage).
    2. Locate the big red membership board that says "Begin your Epic Adventure in... Atomic City".
    3. If you do not already have a membership or have never had a free trial, left click on the "ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL" button and follow the menu instructions.
    4. If you have already completed your free trial, click the payment button below the free trial button and choose your length of term (1 week, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
      1. This process will send you an invite to the "Atomic City" group which controls all access to Atomic City's member's only areas.
      2. Accept the group invite when the menu appears on the right of your screen.
    5. Now, anytime you want to go into a member's only area or through a teleporter TO a member's only area, be sure you are wearing this group called, "Atomic City" or you will not be allowed in!


  • What's in Atomic City for Members? Beyond the role-play and questing that is.

    We offer a vast array of entertainment from clubbing to restaurants, and the things humans enjoy ... like bowling.

    For those of you with a darker side though, there is the Kink Zone. Your premier destination where you can truly get your kink on!

    Their are numerous night clubs, a really gorgeous theater for live shows, theirs lots of naughty self entertainment to be had, exclusive shopping and so much more.

    Get your free trial as it's a members only destination and come see for yourself.

    Go to the red board behind Vlad in the warehouse.  No one gets in without membership!

    When you go through the portal, take the taxi ride to get acclimated to the city!

    Vlad highly recommends you know your way around, for you wouldn't want to be found...lost in a dark alley or worse, now would you?

    Don't miss out on the other attractions here on the first sim you land in, the Outlands. Some are free, some are not, so get your membership and don't miss a thing.

    Have fun!

  • OK I want to go questing, where do I begin?

    Well then, you need to visit Ce'la Mec'Er, on the steps inside the warehouse in the Outlands!  You must go through the full tutorial as it is level 1 to your quest and you can go no where without passing level 1.


  • What's with the punctuation over the character's heads?

    Some items or characters that you can interact with in the game will have yellow marks hovering above them.  Ce'la Mec'Er, in the warehouse for example, has an exclamation point, which means she will tell you things, but as she puts it, "frankly...I could care less if you have questions, that's for others to worry about!"

    Those with question marks, will respond to your questions and be helpful in getting you ready.

    Some items are marked with exclamation points or numbers so you know they do something.  But once you're out questing, it is not likely they will give themselves away like that ... you should hover your mouse over things to see if anything appears clickable.

    These things you must interact with to learn what you may experience in Atomic City!

    To ask one of the questions your trainers can answer, make it easier on yourself and just copy and paste the whole question, including his or her name.

  • OK, I got the FREE HUD, now what?

    Wonderful. Inside the folder, "ATOMIC CITY Meter Update", their are 3 Gestures, 5 Objects, a Landmark and a Help Notecard. Activate all gestures and wear (or add) all objects.


    1. [F7] Draw Bow/Sheathe Melee
    2. [F8] Sheathe Bow/Draw Melee
    3. [F9] Sheath All


    1. ATOMIC CITY - Gnarled Old Bat (Holstered)
    2. ATOMIC CITY - Gnarled Old Bat
    3. Atomic City HUD
    4. Atomic City Meter
    5. Resurrect

    Other things:

    1. LANDMARK: Visit ATOMIC CITY, the vacation spot you can't ever leave 😉
  • What do I do once I activate and wear everything given to me from the Free Meter/HUD Giver?

    Now that you have everything on, lets test it out.

    Draw your weapon: 

    To draw your melee weapon, press the F8 key (sheaths bow as it draws melee).

    To draw a Bow type F7 (sheaths melee as it draws bow).

    To sheath everything, press F9.

    If the gestures are not working properly, left-click on your weapon on your back or hip and select "Draw" or "Sheath" from the drop down menu in the upper right of your screen.  Likewise, to sheath your weapon you can click on the weapon in your hand and choose "Sheath" from the drop down menu.

  • How do I use my weapons? I want to bash something!

    This will take practice, you must have patience.

    Fighting with Unity Maxim:

    1. Once you've drawn your weapon, go into Mouselook Mode by rolling your mouse wheel forward until you see the cross-hair in the center of your screen.
    2. Now, with weapon drawn, you will use your W A S D keys with your left hand in order to move around (W forward, A left, S back, D right).
    3. With right hand on the mouse, move the mouse so the cross-hair hovers over the target.
    4. Once there, click & hold down the left mouse button while tapping W A S D keys to move your avatar.
    5. The big trick is to keep the cross-hair on your target as much as possible without letting go of your left mouse button all while tapping W A S and D to move yourself around and into the target.

    Just one more thing...

    When you kill a critter, sometimes they will drop healing potions. Remember to look around on the ground for those and to click them when you see them. You will need them!

  • Should I purchase a weapon from the vendor in the warehouse?

    Well, that is up to you. You may want a distance weapon like a bow instead, or a sword may be more your style. With a distance weapon, you don't have to get so close to kill but hitting can be harder.

    As an aside, coming soon to Atomic City are weapons upgrades.  Some weapons WILL hit harder or other fine features, like in other games.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one, it's going to be epic!

  • How do I get healing potions?

    Well, aside from when critters drop them, be sure to check out anything you find along your journey to see if its "clickable". Their are potions, ingredients and treasures all over the place.

  • I stepped on something or bumped into it and now I'm frozen in place, now what?

    Ah, well, you have just discovered one of the fun things about this game.  Objects can kill you, heal you, freeze you or otherwise do things to you that you may or may not find useful.  If you are frozen in place, you must have interacted with something that immobilizes you ... just like the rug in the tutorial.  Their's usually a time limit to how long this affect will continue so you can wait it out but ... that doesn't mean you are safe while frozen in place 😉 muahahahaha.

  • I clicked something and it put something on my screen ... how do I get it off of there?

    It's really easy, it's a common SL function ... right click on the item on your screen (otherwise known as your HUD) and from the menu that comes up, choose "DETATCH".  There, all gone ... and no mess in your inventory either as it didn't give you anything, just showed you something.

    Pretty fancy huh? 😉

  • I got this menu asking for my permission for the "Experience" when I clicked on or walked through something, what is this?

    Atomic City is using the power of Second Life's "Experiences" which enables us to give to you a more seamless and effortless "experience" while you are staying with us.

    But first, before we can give you this amazing "experience", Second Life requires that you "accept" it as it enables us to do things like ... teleport you by you just walking thru something (no clicking necessary).

  • Ok, so how do I turn the Atomic City Experience off should I want to?

    Just click the menu in your browser called "Avatar", then "Experiences" 7th down the list. Once there, click "ATOMIC CITY" in the Allowed List. In the Profile that opens, choose "Forget".

  • Can anyone take my money or raid my inventory or do other illegal or mean things to me with experiences?

    Oh good lord no. The Atomic City Experience allows us to teleport you where you need to go while you're playing and it enables things to auto attach to your HUD. We do not include anything that is malicious, not ever!

  • What can I do if I'm still uncomfortable about Experiences?

    Well, you have the option to not accept the experience and then not play the game.  You can still participate in Atomic City with Role-play or OOC fun, but you will not be able to enjoy the fun of the questing game.

    Please contact one of our game owners/creators, Filipa Thespian or Scorpinosis Nightfire. They are always happy to help members and players and I'm sure they can answer your questions.

  • What happens when I die in this game?

    Well, it's liable to happen in the game at some point or another. When you die you will be on the floor laying prone in a pool of your own blood ... stuck.

    To move on and try again, just click the RESET button on your HUD. But be advised, when you do, you will be auto teleported back to the beginning of the level you are currently in and you will need to fight your way back to that point where you died.

  • OK so, I see these two sections on my HUD, "Geared Up" and "COMPLETED 1 of 4 Levels". What's this all about?

    Your HUD has two sections under the main HUD buttons (Setup, Pouch, Options & Reset).

    In the beginning when you're just getting started, the top one says "Geared Up". That's the name of the Quest you're on.

    The 2nd section says "COMPLETED 1 of 4 Levels".  This means you have completed 1 of the 4 levels in this quest of the game.  This will auto advance every time you complete a level and then, when you complete a quest, the title section where it right now says "Geared Up" will change to the title of the next level.  Likewise the # of levels (i.e. x of x levels) will update.

    Each Quest has a name and varying quantities of levels. The first level, the tutorial, has 4 levels so "1 of 4" tells you where you are. When you finish "Geared Up", you will enter "Prologue" and the levels will reset to match.

    For example, after "Geared Up", it will read:

    0 of 5 Levels

    Their are 12 Quests within the game and many levels within each.  Good luck adventurer!

  • Can cheaters prosper in this game?

    Well, we're not fond of the word "Cheat" or "Cheater," but we have made great strides to prevent some forms of "Cheating" from occurring.

    1. You can't just fast hit the RESET button anymore when you die, and continue on your battle from where you died.  You are auto-tp'd back to the level beginning every time you hit RESET so be sparing.
    2. You can't direct teleport ahead.  The game will know and auto-TP you back to the beginning of the level you were legitimately on and you need to begin again.

    With that said, people will always find ways to "cheat" if they really want to and if they do, they really only hurt themselves in that they don't get the full game experience and they miss out on some things and on some fun.  It really only hurts them.

  • What are my experience points good for?

    You need to collect experience points to grow stronger and level up in the game.

    The more points you have the bigger a critter you can fight and so on.

    Sometimes, doors wont open if your experience points are too low too.

    Never skip a critter! You're going to need the points and they really add up.

    By the way, critters will NOT re-spawn for you if you try to re-trip them for more points. Once is all you get so don't miss out!

  • What if I'm not playing the level alone, what happens to my critters and experience points?

    Each of you will trigger your own critters, BUT, the critters will follow anyone, usually the one nearest to them AND anyone can kill them.

    Sometimes someone else may kill your critter and their own before you get a chance, and there's nothing we can do about that (sorry).

    But don't worry, their will be other opportunities in the game to earn experience points, things that are not related to killing critters.

    You'll want to be careful when playing with others I suppose, make sure they're not the greedy sort.

  • What are the Factions for?

    Ah the factions, well, they are part of the story of Atomic City and they are role player groups here too. It's a great way to meet new like-minded people & ease your way into RP.  They do not, however, affect your meter/hud or your game questing in any way.

  • Why is the picture for the Peace Keepers separate from the other factions in the tutorial?

    The Peace Keepers are the Atomic City Police Department. They are not a faction, but a unified, well run group that polices all four of our sims both in role-play and out. It is both RP & non RP and very useful!

    They are also recruiting cops right now ... just sayin 😉

  • Why would I want to join a faction? What are the benefits?

    Well, If you want to be one of those races and be a part of a group of RP'rs to enhance your experience, then joining a faction is definitely for you! Even if you just want to quest and battle critters, factions can be useful & fun, so give it a try.

  • Do I need to join a faction to Role-play here

    Naaah. Joining a faction is not necessary at all! You can even start your own friends groups here and dive into RP building your own story based on the Atomic City story-line.

  • How do I learn about these factions?

    Well, from here, click this link: https://atomiccityonline.com/groups/ and find the groups you wish to know more about.  Click it and read up or contact the admin to ask more questions.

  • How do I join one of these factions?

    We're so glad you asked.  Their are two things to do.  First, on your HUD, click SETUP and then when the setup drop down slides out, click "FACTION".  A SL menu will drop from the upper right corner, click the number that corresponds to your faction selection.  That will put that faction into the text over your head and show that you are a member of the faction to others.

    NOW, you have to join this website so, in the menu at the top of the page, click REGISTER and fill out the form and follow the steps to activate your account.

    THEN, go to the Faction's group page on the website and click Join.  Someone from the faction will contact you.

    You best fill out your online profile fully and set up your character sheet there too so that the Faction Leader learns about you and your character. You can put your character photos up there too.

  • I'm having trouble getting into the game or getting critters to attack or NPC's to trigger, what's going on?

    Be advised, the critters, the story NPCs and even the teleporting orbs will not appear for you unless you are wearing your HUD and meter!

    Likewise, you cannot even enter the game-play areas without wearing the "Atomic City" group.  Only members can play!

  • What group tag must I be wearing to access the member only areas?

    Look for the membership subscription board in the main room of the warehouse behind Vlad on the stage (or next to Al in the tutorial).

    If this is your first time joining, you can get a one-week free trial. Just left-click the Free Trial button and when the menu asks if you want the trial, say yes. The group invite will follow almost immediately.

    If you are a returning member, you want to use the pay button beneath the free trial button and pay your dues to stay in the group or get back in the group.  Remember, when your subscription expires, you will automatically be kicked out of the group and will no longer have access to any member features.

  • Will the system automatically take my money after the trial? Am I obligated to continue to pay when it's over?

    No. The system will send you periodic reminders about your subscription when it's about to end, with instructions on where to go to renew, but you don't have to.

    You wont be able to play without the group though.

  • What happens if my subscription runs out and I've not renewed?

    Well, within 3 hours of your subscription's end, the system will automatically kick you out of the group. As I said, without the group, you can't get in to play.

  • Can I renew my subscription at any time?

    Oh sure! Even if you miss a week or two, you can always come back and renew!

  • What does a subscription cost me?

    Oh, it's not bad, only L$300 per week. That's around $1 USD.

    Also, if you pay one month at a time, you save L$200. It's a little cheaper that way.

  • Why do I have to pay to play this game or go to the other venues?

    Well, lets be completely frank here about this ... everything you are here to enjoy, costs a lot of money and time to put together, keep together and staff so that you can have a good time.  We have to pay for it all somehow AND ... lets face it, you get what you pay for!  If you do not wish to pay to enjoy the Atomic City experience, okey dokey!  We wish you well, but if you do join, we can promise you an experience unlike anything you can get anywhere else in Second Life!

    C'mon, it's time to stop being bored and hunting for something to do ... don't'cha think? 😉

  • How do I start RPing & questing?

    If you're standing with AL in the tutorial, the moment you put on your snazzy new Atomic City Group Tag, you can walk through the door standing next to him, which will automatically transport you to the entrance to the cemetery where it all begins!  And, well ... you can begin 🙂

    If you're elsewhere, you can walk up to the cemetery to get started.  Likewise, if you stop playing mid game for any reason like ... ohhhh ... sleep? lol ... you can teleport back to where you left off without the game penalizing you or removing you.

  • Are the characters that talk to me in the game important?


    Pay close attention to any characters that speak to you. They may have clues, they may have information that saves your life, they may give you things, or they may direct you to where you need to go or what you need to do next.

    You just never know!

    And, well, some are just funny and entertaining 😉

  • What else is outside in this warehouse district where the tutorials are?

    Oh, various characters, probably a few more sample critters for some practice and experience points, things to learn, do, see and laugh with.

    Remember what we always say ... Always go for the full experience and explore EVERYTHING!

  • What is the SETUP button on my HUD for?

    Well ... click it 🙂 it's magical 🙂 ... it lowers a nifty secondary menu of options as follows:

    • Voices: choose whether or not you will have a male or female voice when you get hit and scream 😉
    • Faction: choose which faction you will have displayed over your head in your meter.
    • Title: write your own custom title for your character. Could be a name, or a description of something others see to give them clues about you that they can use to interact in role-play.
    • Help: takes you to this FAQ page.
    • About: information about this hud and game (it's an in game drop down menu)

    Click the SETUP button again to retract this menu to save screen real estate and keep as much out of your way as possible.

  • What's the POUCH button on my HUD for?

    Ah, this is your pocketses my precious!  When you click this button, you will get an SL menu drop down with the following options:

    • Inventory: click this to display a list of your inventory items in your local chat
    • Eat: click this to consume something yourself
    • Save
    • Use: click this to use something in your inventory on someone else or even on an NPC character
    • SaveAll
    • Give: click this to give something to another player that is in your inventory, to their inventory
    • Reset
  • What is the OPTIONS button on my HUD for?

    Click this for an SL based drop down menu with the following options:

    • Normal: clicking this button returns you to normal meter combat mode (when you're in another mode)
    • Display: controls what information is displayed in the meter text that floats over your head as follows:
      • Title only: shows ONLY the title you gave yourself, nothing else
      • No L2: Shows the 2nd line of your meter only (Faction · Level · Experience Points)
      • * only: shows ONLY an asterisk over your head
      • No L3: Shows the 3rd line of your meter only (Strength · Dexterity · Wisdom)
      • To return to all lines showing, click OPTIONS then NORMAL
    • Setup: Opens the same drop down menu on your meter that the first Setup button dropped
    • Tournament: puts you into tournament combat mode
    • Colors: changes the color of your meter text that floats over your head
    • OOC: takes you out of all combat modes, putting you into OOC mode and disabling all combat for you.  You will no longer trigger critters but you will also no longer gain experience and so on.  You have effectively turned the game off.
  • What's the RESET button on my HUD for?

    Be careful with this button.  This is the button you use when you are knocked unconscious on the floor or killed and your avatar lays there still, stuck and laying in an ever growing pool of your own blood for the carrion to feed upon while you lay there helplessly.

    To save yourself from this fate ... click the RESET button BUT ... be forewarned ... you will rise from the dead BUT you will also be sent back to the beginning of this level and all you gained to that point will be wiped clean from your meter (all exp etc).

  • Do I have to wear the HUD to role-play in Atomic City?

    Atomic City Hud Rules and How to’s

    Why wear a HUD?

    1. The HUD is required to fight game generated critters or each other in Player Verses Player (PVP) Matches.
    2. The HUD is required for game currency management.
    3. The HUD is required for spell / potion making and having them affect people.
    4. The HUD is required for attacking people with spells and potions
    5. The HUD is required for eating things and having them affect you
    6. The HUD is required for collecting things like herbs for potion making or items you need to advance in Quests.
    7. The HUD is required sometimes, to unlock some doors, usually only in Questing areas.


    The HUD is not required to actually “role-play” on the sim.

    What does wearing the HUD mean?

    If you WEAR a HUD IC (In Character)

    1. It means you are IC (In Character) and other players actions can affect your avatars health and state of being.
    2. It means you are IC and critters and traps on SIM can and will affect your health and avatar state of being.

    If you WEAR a HUD OOC (Out of Character)

    1. This means that nothing will affect your avatars health on the meter.

    Notes for Questers and RP’ers

    1. There will be no critters in RP headquarter areas. You will only find them in Questing areas.
    2. There are RED and GREEN Markers placed throughout the SIM to indicate Questing/PvP Battle areas. RED means their is danger of being attacked, GREEN means it’s a safe area from PvP or Critter danger.





We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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