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Raiven Immortalis

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I have been a part of SL since November 2015 although in all honesty for about the first year I was either totally confused or stuck in a wall somewhere. I didn’t log in much until I met an awesome person who took the time to explain and show me the SL basics and it has been an amazing journey of virtual discovery since. In fact, I have RL family and friends that also got into it and I spend time with them in both worlds now. I now enjoy being the producer of The Pamela Live Show in SL, I also model and blog a bit for a couple of wonderful creators(MotoDesign formerly Turlaccor Custombike & Eternal SexyShop)I love taking photos. The latest is renewing my interest in role-playing in AtomicCityOnline here in SL. If you haven’t checked it out or are ‘on the fence’ about checking it out you need to do it! Even if role-play isn’t your thing there is so much to see and do on Atomic City’s 3 sims it’s definitely worth seeing.

Character Sheet

Shadow DuMont

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Fomerly Human

Physical Description

In human form, Shadow has a sultry gothic look, dark-eyed with dark hair. An average height of 5’7″ with a curvy medium build. She tends to dress in leather for the most part and almost always in dark clothing.
In true form, Shadow has lost all humanity and is nothing more than a monster.

Societal Description

Tolerant only to her own kind, Shadow views others in one of two source or insignificant. She is loyal to Talia and to finding the VOG for the Night Breed. Shadow has a deeply sadistic streak and likes to torment her victims mercilessly for her amusement. Sexual deviance is the norm for her, the more decadent the better.

Natural Abilities

Shadow can charm the pants off pretty much anyone which helps in the sex club the Night Breed call “home”. She has a way of breaking the tension and that puts people more at ease around her…a foolish mistake on their part.

Supernatural Abilities

Since being turned strength, speed, and agility are greatly increased. All senses hearing, sight, and smell are heightened. Shadow radiates a certain allure that is meant to attract prey. Her healing time is shorter except in the case of extreme blood loss of course!


Garlic? It’s tasty! A cross? Pfft! Shove it up your nether region! Running water? I love bubble baths silly, but you need to invite me first! Decapitation, fire, direct sunlight pretty much spell the end for me. A wooden stake through the heart can also be a bitch but it must be made of wood from a Hawthorne tree, if not I will be coming at you really pissed!

Weapon Skills

Expert with a crossbow as well as a fairly good shot but my favorite weapon besides my lovely “overbite” is a little toy I call the “BitchGrinder”. Piss me off and you will meet it close-up and personal!


Eccentric and unpredictable, Shadow hides a very devious mind behind her erratic persona. Exuding sensuality and powerful pheromones, Shadow is a lethal predator. Committed to the hunt and Talia, Shadow is the perfect choice to run operations under Talia’s taloned iron fist.

My Faction

Night Breed

Details About My Faction

What can I tell you about us Night Breeds? We consist of your street-smart degenerates to your high society deviants and everything in between that “gets their kicks below the waistline”(borrowed that from Murray Head, everyone likes a little “Head” now and then don’t they?). Sorry I digress, allow me to tell you more about us. We occupy an impressive Gothic structure on Main St in the middle of what is known as the “kink district”, you can’t miss it, the pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and awesome flying buttresses, a sight to behold…but it’s what’s inside that will keep you ‘coming’ back. An exclusive sex club, where all your most depraved sexual cravings can be found, in a setting that would make Caligula himself envious, and in fact, some come and never leave. So whether you like to ‘give’ or ‘receive’, we have what you might be craving, unless you’re afraid to give in to your cravings that is. If you are looking for something a little more shall we say cerebral I’m sure we can accommodate that as well and make it perhaps beneficial to us all? We are, after all, working for the greater good of our kind now, aren’t we?