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Atomic City is an online experience designed to serve a diverse group of users. Unlike other avatar driven communities, we are much more than a gaming site or role-playing platform. We are a nexus between First and Second Life offering events and activities that link both worlds in cross projects happening in both realities simultaneously. Atomic City is also:

  • A social network for singles looking to meet other singles,
  • A testing platform for consumer goods and service providers to get much-needed pre-release research and development data
  • An artist community of content creators making music, art, fashion, films literature and more
  • A business network connecting entrepreneurs, business owners and potential employees
  • An entertainment getaway that offers users 18 and up, gaming, quests, role play, clubbing and socialization with people from all over the globe.

This beta version of Atomic City is phase 1 of a 2-phase project. The next phase is to expand into an entire new grid versus being just a city on a grid. Our current phase allows us to perfect all we have to offer on a smaller scale before expanding to a much larger user base with additional services and staffing to take your experience to an even higher level. So please enjoy Atomic City Phase 1 as a shopper, creator of new art, a role-player, a quest hunter or a club-goer out to meet new friends and lovers. Whichever of the many roads in Atomic City you take, we look forward to making it a road worth taking.

There’s Something Strange Going On Here…

No one knew why they came, nor when, but the fact they were here was a given … it could be felt by one and all.

Something strange is happening in Atomic City. Missing persons, unusual lights in the sky, supernatural sightings and unsolved mysteries litter the streets of this shining city by day yet seedy underworld by night. In no other place is the yin and yang of good and evil so concentrated as it is in Atomic City.

The city is fractured, divided up by different factions, each with their own self-serving agenda and each driven by unseen forces that would be best left to myth, nightmare or urban legend.  Modern law and order never held sway in this off kilter city.  Here reigns the pungent maw of merciless, supernatural dictatorships, each vying for superiority over the other leaving humans caught between the convergence of power.  Were these humans now nothing more than sport for the more highly evolved…or worse?

Can you survive the malice of unseen hands locked in cosmic combat with YOU stuck somewhere in the middle? Will you discover the truths behind the unknown power that rules the land? The answers to every question you could possibly have are here, trapped within the cracks, floating on the breeze and hidden deep within the bowels of this unsettling place.

Will you unravel its mysteries? Will you bring peace and heal the land? Will you survive your fate, here in Atomic City? Or…are you yourself a highly evolved force with which to be reckoned, destined to conquer and lead your own faction?

Are you brave enough to find out?

About The Factions

The Druids

Leader, Taliesen Toor

Mysterious and powerful, Taliesen is the leader of the Druids. Regal and seeming as if he is from another time. Taliesen’s unpredictable iron will, and forbidden knowledge allows him to rule the Druids and move closer to the hidden end game in Atomic City.

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The Mechs

Leader: Tech’nor

Philip Tech’nor is the cold and cerebral boss of the Mechs. The Mechs are the first wave of bio- mechanical scouts sent to blend in with humans and even replace key persons of power when deemed beneficial to the “Initiative.” What’s most disturbing about Tech’nor and his growing force of Mechs is this, what are they the first wave for and what does the second wave look like.

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Children of The Old Ones

Leader: Anoonex Suna Ma:

A fierce inhuman beauty Anoonex Suna Ma has guided events throughout human history to get where she is now in Atomic City. Timeless and Cruel, Suna Ma came close to her twisted dream when she oversaw Hitler’s occult division where, to further her own end, she fueled the Nazi’s desperation to win the war. However, even in the set back of losing WWII, she is still poised to crush her enemies and awaken those that wait.

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The Night Breed

Leader: Calistra Dracul:

A Fae Vampire hybrid, Calistra embraced the path of her mother, Priestess Vaha-Ret Dracul by forsaking the ways of the fae and feeding her thirst for blood and power. Determined to fulfill the dark prophecy of Lillith, Calistra and her disciples plot tirelessly to win full control of Atomic City and all that comes with.

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The Dark Casters

Leader: Sister Angelica Toor

Soft spoken and mild mannered, Sister Angelica catches her foes off guard with the power of her craft. Twisted rage under a calm exterior best describes the witch queen’s demeanor that keeps her followers walking on egg shells.  Determined to claim Atomic City’s ultimate prize Sister Angelica and the Dark Casters are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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The Cult of Anubis

Leader: Ammon Akachi

A mountain of a man, Ammon stands out in a crowd. Known as the warrior priest, Ammon is as lethal as he is devout to the sacred text. He and his flock serve the Lord of the Underworld with an almost fanatical commitment. Another leader without fear here in this unusual city, Ammon believes that any enemy of the text is to be stopped from taking the city because he who wins Atomic City will own time and space.

Some in this faction, however, yearn to feel the rays of the sun once more and are secretly beginning to worship Ra, the lord of light over Anubis, positioning this proud and fervent cult for a potential take-over and reorganization one day in the not too distant future.

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The Peace Keepers

Police Commissioner: Justacia McMillan
Police Captain: IvarTheRuthless

While not a faction, the Atomic City Police Department (ACPD) is a very important part of Atomic City.  With precincts in Atomic City, the Atomic City Outlands and within the cursed Atomic City Warehouse District, this force promises a lot of role-play opportunities!

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Goddess of Creation by Aleriah

"Goddess of Creation" by Aleriah
"Goddess of Creation" by Aleriah


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