About Atomic City

An Online Experience Like No Other!

Atomic City is an online experience designed to serve a diverse group of users. Unlike other avatar driven communities, we are much more than a gaming site or role-playing platform. We are a nexus between First and Second Life offering events and activities that link both worlds in cross projects happening in both realities simultaneously. Atomic City is also:

  • A social network for singles looking to meet other singles,
  • A testing platform for consumer goods and service providers to get much-needed pre-release research and development data
  • An artist community of content creators making music, art, fashion, films literature and more
  • A business network connecting entrepreneurs, business owners and potential employees
  • An entertainment getaway that offers users 18 and up, gaming, quests, role play, clubbing and socialization with people from all over the globe.

    This beta version of Atomic City is phase 1 of a 2-phase project. The next phase is to expand into an entire new grid versus being just a city on a grid. Our current phase allows us to perfect all we have to offer on a smaller scale before expanding to a much larger user base with additional services and staffing to take your experience to an even higher level. So please enjoy Atomic City Phase 1 as a shopper, creator of new art, a role-player, a quest hunter or a club-goer out to meet new friends and lovers. Whichever of the many roads in Atomic City you take, we look forward to making it a road worth taking.