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Welcome to Atomic City

If you are new to avatar driven social media and entertainment, then we can help get you started.  Try visiting our Community Outreach Landing Zone first and if you need more help, give any staff member a shout!

If you already have experience using avatars, then feel free to visit our main landing zone and immerse yourself in the on going story arc or just have fun interacting with other guests, however for our first timers, please fill out our contact form so we can reply with the info you need join us in Atomic City.

Even though Atomic City offers a back story, a cast of characters and clues for those that enjoy role playing online (or RPing as it is more commonly called), its not necessary to role play to enjoy all we have to offer.

For those popping in just to enjoy great music, hot hook ups, shopping etc, Please feel free to politely decline any requests to “RP” and continue to enjoy the many activities and events we have in Atomic City.

Now to get you started please take the following steps:

  • For RPers Visit the Outlands and get a taste of Atomic City using our free trial version. Click here. Once inside follow the instructions of our guides to maximize your experience.
  • If you are looking for the best of avatar driven shopping, dating, DJ’s employment, rentals and more click here